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Roses For Rei (via rosesforrei)

When you go back to her, tell her I’m sorry.

Tehreem Ahmed  (via bawarchi-girl)


its a beautiful thing but when someone fucks you over thats it your fucked .

A.A. (via 0hhlexis)

it was when i met you
when i understood
love songs
why couples danced with each other

i understood kissing
why it was the most beautiful thing

i understood why heartbroken people cried
why they stayed away from everyone when their hearts shattered
because they needed their space to fill it
with the voice of their lover who left
and the memories
to bring their hearts’ pieces together
then break them again

it was when i met you
when i understood what life was all about
why people stayed up late at night thinking about that someone

I should have checked the emergency brakes before I gave you the keys (via ink-trails)

The most pathetic thing about me
is that I would come crawling back
to you in a heartbeat if you asked me to
and it sucks that I don’t even own
my will anymore because when I gave
everything to you, I left nothing behind
and now you have the keys to the beating
that keeps me alive but with a turn
you could break me and I don’t know why
God forgot to give me an emergency override.

Roses For Rei (via rosesforrei)

A round of applause for you.
You’ve managed to raise my doubts and insecurities in life.
Not to mention you’ve shattered my view on love.
Good job man. Keep it up.
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